We Will Remember...

We Will Remember
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Under the wounds are the sutures,
Under the sutures are the tears,
Some of the tears are not our own.

Under the fear are the memories,
Under the memories are the pain,
Under the pain are the vows,
Entitlement comes with the vows themselves.

- Tom Randolph (survivor of bus crash)



On May 21, 1976 Yuba City, California was devastated by the worst school bus tragedy in U.S. history.


Twenty-eight Yuba City teenagers and one adult escort were killed and twenty-three others injured when their school bus broke through a guardrail on an offramp and plunged 30 feet to the ground. The details are within this website, including many photos.

The healing process for the families, friends, classmates and residents is a long one and this incident will not be forgotten. This site is a memorial to the victims as well as a place that the survivors can share their experiences and memories.

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