Where The Water Is Wide

Love is an ocean, Is a pillar of light,
That upholds the heavens And poises the night:
It reaches past fear And recedes the tide
To open a door Where the water is wide.

Tears are the waves That splash upon shores
have journeyed the depths Cross rivulet floors:
Teeming with feelings, The morrow's memories -
We're awash in a flood Of deserved reveries.

Here, oh hear, as Permission draws near -
As the beat in your own heart And vision comes clear:
The dreams that we knew Would always come true
From the light of an eye Are born in the blue.

Where is the blessed tie That once bound?
Lost in the years That have now gone aground
Yet the vow which brought love All the glory it yearns
Is carried in faith On the wings of a dove.

Love may be an ocean, Or a pillar of light,
Which upholds the heavens And surpasses the night:
To reach beyond doubt, Withdraw the tide
And reveal a portal To where the water is wide.

- Tom Randolph